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Your Partner in Sports Technology

We are very proud that 100% of our product roadmap is driven by sport individuals like referees, coaches, administrators and most importantly user feedback

Accessibility & Usability

Works on any Android or iOS devices, easy to integrate and simple to use

Collaborative Framework

Distributing value, reallocating savings and work together

The Tool: Hockey Management Platform

  • Capture game events at the source
  • Easy to use, very intuitive
  • No more paper
  • User interface enforce Hockey Canada rules for penalties
  • 3 Stick Infraction alerts
  • Reportable Major Penalty alerts
  • Set and sign your lineup electronically
  • Referee Electronic Game Review
  • Electronic scorekeeping, timekeeping, and reffing signatures
  • PDF Game Report automatically sent to Team Officials and selected Administrators
  • Work on Tablets, Mobile Phones, and any Computer Browsers
  • Set your hockey organizational structure based on roles
  • Team Management Components
    • Team Officials
    • Rosters
    • Schedule Practices
    • Contacts
  • Manage your Schedules
  • Manage your risk with the Pre-game Referee Report
  • Manage your regular season games, tournaments, exhibition games and playoffs
  • Manage your team logo
  • Manage your Player Profile
  • Manage Shots on net
  • Analyze your data with the Reports module
  • Manage your disciplinary process with the Major Penalty Module
  • Schedule referees
  • Assign referees directly into league scheduled games
  • Weekly Qualification Updates
  • Set rates
  • Comprehensive Notification Rules
  • Flexible availability settings
  • Set Crews
  • Using cutting edge technologies
  • Data can be hosted in Canada and/or United States
  • Support iOS and Android devices
  • Highly stable and scalable infrastructure
  • Integrates with:
    • Registration System
    • Content Management Systems or Websites
    • Major Referee Assignation Systems
    • Major Payment Systems
    • Social Media


“The HiSports app has proven to be a major benefit to BC Hockey and our members that use the platform. It is a great tool to help cut administration time and reduce on paper waste. The system is user-friendly and the customer service has been outstanding.”

Barry Petrachenko

Chief Executive Officer - BC Hockey
"Very user friendly, and easy to use. The HiSports app is tailor made for minor hockey associations and has completely changed the way we manage game and player information. Andre and Tomi are very knowledgeable and always readily accessible to lend support day or night. The HiSports team is always receptive of our many questions, and carefully consider any input we may have as they continue to fine tune the app to service the specific needs of our minor hockey associations. Without hesitation I would highly recommend the HiSports E-game sheet app"

Janet Hamel

Executive Board Member - Northwest District Minor Hockey Association
"In 2017 our organization took a huge step into the world of technology and the use of electronic score sheets for hockey. I was very fortunate to get to work with Andre, HiSports and their staff. Being very hesitant at first, they were always there to guide me through every step of the process and provide words of encouragement when it seemed overwhelming. No matter what day of the week, I was able to reach someone for assistance. To this day, I could not have been so fortunate to have a group like HiSports who is there every step of the way. They are always willing to listen and look at any changes that might make things better for everyone. They are a phenomenal group who are not only extremely knowledgeable in technology but also have a very passionate and understanding basis for people who are new to this technology and are looking for guidance. I am so grateful and thankful for these individuals who I am very proud to say are my friends as well. Anyone who is fortunate to get involved with this group will only find rewards and benefits to no end."

Sherry Wakelin

Registrar - Omaha District Minor Hockey Association
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About Us

HiSports was founded in 2015 by André Larouche, very much a sport lover and long time volunteer in sport organisations. He was the co-founder of a University Hockey Team in British Columbia. Since its creation, the project evolved and became a Start-up composed of dedicated people that strive to meet our user requirements and give the best service. The most important goal for our team is to streamline sport operations so organisations can save time and use less paper.

In 2016-2017, we intensified the development and started to get our product in the market and that is when HiSports Ventures Lte. was founded. Since summer of 2017, the product has grown tremendously. We want to create value to sport organisations. Save time and paper, streamline operations, get real time reports, are few of the advantages to using our products.

In 2018-2019 we reached little over 40,000 Minor Hockey games. We started with hockey but since then we added other sports like Lacrosse, Ball Hockey, Ringette and soon expanding into other sports
HiSports is more than a technology solution, it is a human story, a team effort and it is proudly built by Sport People for Sport People. Using the platform is a commitment to benefit the game and most importantly our young amateur players.

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